Your Daily Serving of Fruits, Veggies and Artificial Food Dye

January 16th, 2015, in Living ToxicFree®, Health Risks

Years ago, when I first learned the toxic truth about the everyday products I used in my home and on my family, I was mortified! We've been trained to think that we need these chemical laden products to keep our homes and bodies clean and beautiful. 

Our family has worked hard and diligently to trash the toxins and rid our home of the chemicals in cleaning and personal care products as well as cosmetics. We've also been working on a healthier diet, choosing organic when possible, and cutting out processed foods and treats that offer little to no nutritional value. Considering I have two picky boys, one with allergies, this has been no easy task.

I recently wrote about my goal to be more diligent about making sure we are not consuming any foods with food dyes. Many synthetic food dyes are obvious in treats such as the colorful sprinkle filled cupcakes and cookies in the bakery. I've got those down pat.

Most of the time, my family and I get all of our servings of fresh fruits and vegetables in organic form. If organic is not an option, there are a couple of items in the produce area such as watermelon or avocado where pesticide treatment is not as much of a concern due to the thicker skin that is removed before we consume the fruit or vegetable. 

Buying organic is a staple in our household. For a period of time, my family and I were enjoying oranges as a treat on a daily basis. That was until I discovered a terrible, toxic truth. Those beautiful oranges we were eating, weren't naturally that color. 

As it turns out, vanity doesn't just take over when it comes to how we look. Americans have been trained by the food industry to think that certain fruits and vegetables should also look beautiful in color. Even if that means adding synthetic dye to a fresh fruit to make it look more appealing. 

Worse yet, there is NO WARNING! If I'm purchasing fruit, I assume it has been grown from nature. If it has been tampered with by man and dyed with the use of chemicals, I deserve the right to know! 

Join me and the Healthy Home Company in our toxic-free cause. I believe God created me and my children, and you and yours to be toxic-free. 

If you are open to learning more about some of the toxins hidden inside of your everyday products, Take the Toxic Test™!

It doesn't have to be overwhelming. Eliminating even one toxin from your life today can make a big difference in protecting your health.