ToxicFree® Tip: Keep Spiders at Bay the All-Natural Way

September 24th, 2014, in Living ToxicFree®, Families, Household Products

It’s that time of year. Spiders are looking for a cozy place to snuggle in for the winter and lay their eggs. If you don’t want that place to be your home, it’s time to do something to keep them away!

Not only did we not want pesticides inside of our home—it turns out pesticides aren’t very successful for killing spiders. In fact, experts say unless the chemical is directly sprayed on the spider it won’t kill it. Spiders simply walk over it.

There is one thing spiders hate, though—essential oils!

For an all-natural way to repel spiders and other insects this winter mix 5-10 drops of Neem oil and 5-10 drops of peppermint oil. Add 1 squirt of toxin-free dish detergent and fill the rest of your recycled spray bottle with warm water. Shake well.

Spray the mixture in any and all cracks in doors, window frames and any other areas of your home where you’ve seen spiders—including your baseboards!

Spraying cotton balls with the mixture is also effective and allows you to inconspiciously leave them around your house. I have a fear of spiders in my bed, so I leave cotton balls with peppermint oil around the bottom of the bed frame hidden under the bed skirt.

This is safe with children and most pets. Certain essential oils can be dangerous for cats so do your research.  You may need to put your animals up while treating your home.