The Pumpkin Preservation Challenge

October 18th, 2014, in Living ToxicFree®, Household Products

Keep your pumpkin fresh with ToxicFree® Strong! 

Nothing says fall quite like picking a pumpkin and painstakingly carving it to perfection. After all your hard work, you don’t want to let your pumpkin go the way of a zombie. Now, you can use our all-natural and organic solution to help keep your pumpkin fresh until Halloween!

Let’s start with a disclaimer: pumpkins are organic. No matter what you do, they will decompose over time. There are several methods available to try to prolong the life of carved pumpkins. The most common solution is a mixture of bleach and water. The theory behind this technique is that the water prevents the pumpkin from drying out, while the bleach keeps mold and bacteria from growing. This method is effective, but also toxic. Our mission is to keep your family healthy by ridding your home of toxic chemicals—so, we tested The Healthy Home Company’s Strong to see how long it would extend the life of a carved pumpkin!

The Test

We began with two pumpkins:

After carving the pumpkins, we mixed a solution of 2oz of Strong with 14oz of water in a 16oz spray bottle. Once daily we sprayed the Strong pumpkin with the solution. For this test, we stored our pumpkins indoors at a controlled temperature of approximately 75 degrees.

The control pumpkin bit the dust quickly. By Day 3 it began to smell, had soft spots forming and organisms growing inside. It didn’t age well over the next few days. 

The Healthy Home Strong pumpkin held up for much longer than the untreated pumpkin AND it’s safe for your family to be around! Small patches of black spots began to appear and soft spots began to form on Day 6.

What We Learned

The Healthy Home Strong solution preserves your pumpkin, so it lasts much longer than an untreated pumpkin and does so without the chemicals and potentially toxic effects of other solutions. 

Take a step toward making your home a healthier place to raise a family by choosing Strong—an all-natural, organic and ToxicFree® solution to making your Halloween pumpkins last this season!

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