Recipe for a ToxicFree® Thanksgiving

November 26th, 2014, in Living ToxicFree®, Medical Knowledge, Experts

Let’s talk some Turkey! Thanksgiving and many other holiday dinners are almost here. With these delicious feasts, could come some toxic additives you don’t want as part of your meal.

According to renowned Dr. Neal Barnard, and ground breaking studies, heavy metals are the main contributors to Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately, many of these metals exist in our cookware, and leach into our daily meals.

While replacing our cookware overnight may not be an option, making simple choices between cookware selections we already own could minimize our exposure. For example, when possible, avoid using cookware that contains non-stick coatings like Teflon. It may be easier to clean, but in the process, it’s adding unwanted toxins to our food. When baking casseroles and other similar dishes for holiday parties, choose to bake in a glass dish instead of using those easy disposable pans.

After you’ve prepared your tasty meal, where are you planning to store the leftovers? Again, store in glass when possible and avoid plastic wraps and foils. Plastic storage containers and saran wraps contain BPA, which can be linked to cancer, according to the National Institute of Health’s animal studies. These studies also suggest that infants and children may be the most vulnerable to the effects of BPA. If you must store leftovers in a plastic container, make sure the food has fully cooled to room temperature first and never re-heat any food products inside of plastic. Remember one of my top rules; microwave safe does not mean human safe.

When making food selections to prepare for your holiday meals, always choose organic when possible. Choosing meat and dairy products that are free of antibiotics and steroids, and produce that is free of pesticides can protect your family’s health. Many cans are lined with liners that contain BPA, so it’s always best to choose fresh or frozen over cans. If you must use cans, make it a point to look for those that advertise as BPA free. And don’t forget to wash fruits and vegetables well before preparing them! Wash, or Clean are great toxic-free options for cleaning produce.

After preparing your Turkey, or meats, always protect your family’s health by using a toxic-free sanitizer on all surfaces that had contact with the raw food. Healthy Home’s Sanitizer is a great option. In fact, grab an extra bottle of the Sanitizer to toss into your car, purse or diaper bag while you’re hitting up those stores for holiday shopping. Have Wash in your guest bathrooms so everyone can wash their hands before the special feast. Remember, according to the CDC, hand washing is one of the best preventatives in protecting yourself from illnesses. In fact, the CDC calls hand washing a “do it yourself Vaccine.”

Finally, regardless of the menu that your family chooses for those holiday meals, make sure you include Healthy Home’s, OneBode “Flo” on the table.  Flo will help your body absorb important nutrients from your food while flushing away any additives you don’t need. I suggest pouring “Flo” capsules into a pretty bowl with a spoon and pass it around the table. It will help those who take it avoid that “miserable feeling” after the feast and also help aid in digestion.  Best of all, your guests will thank you.