Preparing for Flu Season

November 21st, 2014, in Living ToxicFree®, Education

It is a cruel coincidence that flu season coincides with the busiest time of the year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), October marks the beginning of flu season, and while it typically peaks between December and February, it can last until May. To enjoy every moment of the upcoming holiday season, The Healthy Home Company has some healthy, toxic-free shortcuts to keep your family healthy, happy and toxic free.

What is the Flu?

Influenza (a.k.a. the “flu”) is an extremely contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza A or B viruses. Symptoms usually include running a high fever for several days, body aches, fatigue and weakness, not to mention coughing, headache and chest discomfort.

How is it spread?

The flu virus is capable of travelling up to six feet through infected droplets from coughing, sneezing, and talking that are inhaled through the lungs or land in the mouths and noses of people nearby, or it can be contracted by touching an infected surface and then touching your mouth, nose, or eyes.

How to protect yourself and your family

The CDC has some common-sense tips on its website on how to prevent the flu, including:

However, while you personally may follow all those tips, your toddler will continue to do what they do (lick every doorknob, counter top, and toy in their reach), not to mention the germs they’ll come in contact with at school or daycare, or even what is laying in wait for you on your shopping cart handle.

Sanitizing hands and surfaces is one of the best ways to minimize your chances of contracting the flu, as well as limiting touching your hands to your face. Disinfecting doorknobs, computer keyboards, cell phones, tablets, toys, and other surfaces also will help to lessen your risk.

But what you use is just as important as how you use it

Recent studies have been published that link the use of anti-microbial soaps and alcohol-based disinfectants, specifically those containing Triclosan, to actually doing more harm than good in the fight against spreading germs. These studies have revealed that anti-microbial soaps and disinfectants can create resistant organisms, more commonly known as super bugs, and that many chemical ingredients found in these products are irritating to sensitive skin and are dangerous to use on your hands if you immediately touch your eyes or your mouth, as children often do.

What can you do?

The good news is that there are all-natural products that can be used to disinfect your home and your hands. Dr. John Meliones, The Healthy Home Company’s Chief Medical Advisor, recommends toxic-free cleaners over traditional anti-microbial cleaners to minimize the risk of being infected by a super bug. One such product, The Healthy Home Company’s Sanitizer, is certified ToxicFree®, made from organic ingredients, and sanitizes by utilizing stabilized oxygen, which is commonly used to purify water and is effective against viruses and bacteria. Sanitizer comes in two different sizes, a four-ounce bottle that is great for use around the house on doorknobs and countertops and a one-ounce bottle that is handy to keep in your car, purse, or gym bag to keep germs at bay.

For larger-scale disinfecting at home, The Healthy Home Company offers Wash, a toxic-free alternative to soap products around your house. Wash can be used with water or without water for rinse-free cleaning when you’re in a rush. It can be used for washing your hands, in the shower or bath, and like the majority of Healthy Home’s products, it’s even safe for babies. It’s also great on countertops, windows, and stoves, or anywhere else germs might be lurking.

From distress to de-stress

Just as important as disinfecting your environment is taking time to reduce your stress levels. When the holiday season kicks into full swing in November and you are being pulled in eight different directions between school dances, sports games, cheerleading competitions, holiday preparation, not to mention getting dinner on the table every night, it can be easy to cut corners in your diet and stay awake thinking of your growing to-do list. But as we wear ourselves out and drag our immune systems down, we give viruses like the flu an open door.

Fuel the Fight

One thing you can do that requires almost no thinking or planning is taking a daily vitamin C supplement. OneBode Chew-C is a chewable supplement containing high-potency vitamin C from Acerola cherries in a blend of black currant fruit, oranges, grapefruit juice and citrus bioflavonoids. Unlike most of the vitamin C supplements on the market, Chew-C is made with natural vitamin C and provides 554% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C.

By taking preventative measures this flu season, you can focus more on the things that truly matter, like spending time together enjoying the cooler weather, the changing leaves and family get-togethers.

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