May Your Days be Merry and Bright and Your Toxic Load be Light!

December 11th, 2014, in Living ToxicFree®, Education

This Christmas if you aren’t careful, all of the decorating, shopping, and gift-wrapping could be adding to your body’s toxic load. While decking the halls can be risky for everyone, it can be especially dangerous to developing children.

From BPA receipts you handle with each purchase, to the lead inside of your tree lights and gift wrap, if you aren’t careful, you could be topping off your daily toxic exposure with some pretty heavy carcinogenic, holiday cheer.

My post Deck the Halls has some simple tips to help limit your holiday toxins by sharing safer options for ToxicFree® decorating.

If you want to spread the holiday cheer with gifts that are ToxicFree® for family, friends, co-workers, teachers and other special people in your life here are a few ideas:


ToxicFree® Professional Shampoo/Conditioner

I like to pair Chae Women’s Shampoo and Conditioner with fun hair accessories. For women like my sister-in-law with longer hair, I’m adding a cute, small jar I’ve filled with elastic hair bands of various colors.

Foot and/or Body Scrub Gift Basket

Who doesn’t enjoy a vigorous and refreshing foot or entire body scrub? For those wanting to make their pedicure last longer or even give up toxic pedicures, Chae’s Bamboo Total Body Scrub and Body Butter is a must!

I like to do different variations of this gift. Sometimes I use the smaller size bottles and pair them with soft, fuzzy socks that the recipient can use after applying the body butter to their feet so it can fully absorb. I also like to include foot brushes and pumice for exfoliating the feet. If you wanted to make this an entire body scrub a gift theme you could do the large containers and add both a foot pumice and also a body loofa.

Nighttime Dream

Pair any of Chae’s facial products for the women you care about. Regardless of her age, it’s never too soon or too late to start caring for your skin.

I’m doing a gift basket for my sweet grandmother with Chaé’s Nutra CleanserVitality SerumNeroli Mist, and CoQ10 Moisturizer. She has very dry skin and enjoys these particular products. My other grandmother uses the Chae anti-aging skin products.

I’m pairing these with a Snake Plant. This is a wonderful plant to have in the bedroom at night because it absorbs toxins and gives an extra boost of oxygen at night since most plants release oxygen during the day.

There are so many different things you can do with the Chaé line of skincare products. You can even make it a “morning skincare” theme and add Healthy Home Coffee with a cute note that says “always wake up refreshed and at your best!”

Quick and Cost-Effective Gift

For another great gift, pair your favorite body sponge or loofa with Chaé Women’s Body Wash. It smells divine, makes your skin feel divine, and let’s face it—it is divine!


For husbands, boyfriends, brothers, co-workers, and even teenagers and older sons, here are some terrific ToxicFree® “guy” gift ideas:

Men’s Hair

Men’s 2-in-1 Shampoo and Body WashGrow Elixir and/or Hair Styling Paste. My mom is including this as part of a gift with a new electric razor for my brother this Christmas.

Health Enthusiast

OneBodē products make a great gift idea for the “guys” in your life. This season we are pairing Flex, Define and Flo with a gym bag and a glass sports water bottle for a family friend. Parents could pair one or more of these products with that hot new pair of sneakers for your teenager or older son along with a gym membership or a Fitbit. This would also be a great gift for a spouse who’s enthusiastic about their health. OneBodē Products certainly aren’t limited for men—they’d also make an excellent gift for women too.


Coffee Lover

Coffee makes a pretty safe, mutual gift idea for many people (as long as they are coffee drinkers). This season I have several gifts that include Healthy Home coffee with a holiday mug. For those coffee lovers who love different coffee flavors and specialties, I add my favorite holiday coffee recipe that you can find here. I put cinnamon sticks and organic brown sugar in a little bag tied with a ribbon and attach the recipe for the drink. You may want to include your favorite drink items or ingredients that the recipient likes.

For the Home

Clean—because who doesn’t love it? Include holiday dishtowels with a bottle of Clean along with an empty Clean spray bottle and you’ve got a gift that will clean your recipient’s home from top to bottom including their clothes!

I hope you’ve enjoyed a few of my ToxicFree® gift pairing ideas for family, friends, co-workers and teachers!

Many blessings to you during the holiday season!