How To Make Your Immune System A Powerhouse

February 27th, 2015, in Living ToxicFree®, Education, Families, Medical Knowledge, Experts

In today’s world, we face thousands of strands of viruses, bacteria and diseases that threaten our life and health.

Our government promotes vaccines, antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals as the answer. Regardless of your views on these other options as treatments and preventatives, if you’d prefer to be proactive in natural ways that can boost your body’s immune system, I’d like to invite you to follow this series of blogs based on the latest medical research.

Start taking steps today to make your immune system a powerhouse…naturally!

I won’t make outlandish claims such as my family is never sick. We do get sick. But, compared to the general population, I would say the frequency, duration and severity of our illnesses are much less. In the past, my oldest son suffered from frequent sinus infections. After only changing our diet, he hasn’t had a sinus infection in years. My youngest son didn’t have any viruses other than a minor cold until after he turned 5. And, it wasn’t because they were not frequently exposed to children with illnesses.

My oldest son’s entire class has had the flu, Strep Throat and Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease with him being the sole student that remained well. There are a few natural remedies we practice regularly that have made a significant difference in how often we are sick and how quickly we recover. Some of them are so elementary that most people don't realize the significant impact they could have on their health.

Living ToxicFree®

Our daily diet and ToxicFree® lifestyle play an important role in keeping our immune systems strong which helps us to fight off illness. The truth is we don’t always eat perfect! But, small changes in the food we eat have made a substantial difference in our health.

We made a change in the typical household and personal care products we use, as well. The products we were using were loaded with toxic chemicals that have been linked to everything from heart disease to cancer. After I learned what an incredible burden this toxic build-up could take on our immune systems, we made simple changes. Within just a few months of going ToxicFree®, we began seeing improvement with allergies and signs of ADHD.

In fact, one Integrative doctor suggested my toddler’s health problems could have something to do with an unknown exposure to pesticides. After we limited his time playing on lawns that had been treated, and made other changes… his symptoms began disappearing!

In a new, on-going series for the ToxicFree® Blog called How to Make Your Immune System a Powerhouse, some of the best integrative, natural and holistic doctors in the nation will contribute guest blog posts to share their latest research and expertise to help you on your journey to better health. They'll include important lifestyle changes you can make to improve and protect the health of you and your family. Stay tuned—I'll be posting the first guest blog next week.

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